Our Equipment

At Pukekohe Dental we use the latest technology ensuring that procedures are as painless and comfortable as possible.

Our equipment includes:

High-speed hand pieces – our hand pieces give less vibration to give you more comfort.

"iLase" by Biolase – TBC

X-rays – we use a state of the art digital x-ray system which use up to 90% less radiation than traditional x-ray systems. The images are then transmitted instantly onto a computer screen for the dentist to view and discuss with you.

Medical oxygen for amalgam filling removal – At Pukekohe Dental we can remove your unsightly amalgam fillings and replace them with safe, white composite fillings. We use medical oxygen while we are removing the amalgam filling so that you don't breathe in any vapour or by product of the amalgam.

CAD-CAM robot E4D – Pukekohe Dental can give you a brand new beautiful smile in just one day with our state-of-the-art, high speed laser technology. Our 'robot' allows us to capture accurate digital images of your mouth and teeth so that crowns and veneers can be made that same day - compare this to the 2 weeks that traditional methods require.

Working with the E4D Robot is exciting and the equipment is at the leading edge of dentistry. Dr Richard Eilenberg is the NZ trainer in E4D robot crowns after receiving training in USA - who better to create your crowns and veneers than the best in the business!

Air Abrasion – This system is best suited to cavities that we catch in their early stages before the tooth has become severely damaged – especially important for children. The device doesn't produce heat, smell, friction, noise or vibration which you would expect from a traditional drill. Often we do not have to use any injections to numb the area and because more of your natural tooth structure is maintained we are protecting your long term dental health as you are less likely to develop fracturing of the teeth.

Digital Cameras – Along with our other pieces of hi tech equipment we also use digital cameras to take pictures of your teeth. We are able to show you the image on a large computer screen so that you and your dentist can discuss any concerns that you wouldn't otherwise be able to see and treat if you were only looking with the naked eye.

No Fear Dentistry

Nitrous oxide laughing gas

We use nitrous oxide in our dental practice. This is simply a gas which you breathe in. It has no colour, smell and doesn't irritate. In fact it kills pain and it induces a pleasurable feeling as about 5 minutes or so of breathing in the gas you should feel a euphoric feeling spread throughout your body. You will feel a little light headed and might even giggle a little – hence it is also known as 'laughing gas'! We use nitrous oxide as it works rapidly and the depth of the sedation can be altered from minute to minute. There is no hang over effect so you can safely drive home and as it is a gas there are no injections.

Oral Sedation

If you are particularly anxious about your appointment we can prescribe a tablet form of sedation for relieving this anxiety which you can take immediately before or during your dental appointment. There are specific instructions about what you can eat or drink prior to your appointment which all need to be discussed with your dentist.

IV Sedation

A specialist anaesthetist visits our clinic to administer intravenous sedation for very nervous patients. You will remember very little of the procedure and you will feel nothing.