Kidz 'n Teenz Dental World is the realisation of Leslea Eilenberg's passion and vision to see quality dental care specifically for children and teenagers in the greater Auckland area. Even at a very young age, Leslea knew she wanted to work with children as a dental professional. "I love the satisfaction of seeing a child leave an appointment feeling happy and confident... especially after arriving with fear and apprehension."

Leslea graduated in 1980 with a Dental Therapy qualification in  dentistry  for  children 0-18years old and later as a Dental Hygienist.

With over 20 years professional experience  from the USA,  England and NZ,  Leslea continues her love of working in dentistry. Currently a NZ Registered Dental Hygienist and representative of DCNZ (Dental Council of NZ), Leslea is a Life Member of the NZDHA (NZ Dental Hygienists' Association) after taking on the role of President (1993-1997) and was Chairperson Dental Hygienist Board for DCNZ (2003-2009). Leslea is also currently on the AUT Oral Health Committee.

A devoted mother of 3 daughters, you'll often find her supporting her girls with their activities, sports and interests. Leslea has represented New Zealand at the NZ World Triathlon 1992 and at the World Ironman in Hawaii. She is currently training for her next challenge!